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The immeasurable life: I started this blog to help you harness and build the visions that drive you. To help others, help others. It is based on the need that I saw as a freelance media creator. It is separated into 4 channels.

 128 days – these are challenges, both personal and business over the course of 128 days you commit to consistently apply a principle or the create some content

Visioneering – A systematic approach to building your vision. Those steps are define it, develop it, implement it and share it. They are summed up by the following: “Write the vision, make it plain, so that the one who reads it, can run with it. It has two subcategories; Finding Equations (mining experiences to drive growth) and How-to’s

HowTo:Technology – I am most often asked “how do I use the internet for my business”, “where do i start at”, ” I’m confused”. This section is specifically for that. It will contain detailed and easy to follow instructions on navigating the internet, app platforms and how to use them and creating content both written and visual that engages your audience.

Where Do We Go From Here – lessons from living – life is unpredictable, but in each event that unfolds in our life there is a lesson to be learned. These are the lessons that I have learned. They are the insights from my life and others shared as a legacy.

Why I started this site. I knew from client interactions that personal and business development go hand in hand and neglecting either is the cause of every business failure that I’ve witnessed. I’ve seen so many great ideas take flight and then only a few months later plummet to the ground in a ball of flame because the leader or founder could not sustain the growth required. I’m sure you’ve see the same. My desire to address this phenomena lead to the development of this site and Visioneering.   I started this magazine so that  others could be independent of the forces that want that hinder them. That was it. This is a business and personal blog that covers how to harness the internet, use your talent/experience and your Vision(business) to allow you to live independent of the forces that dictate societal behavior.

I have freelanced in media; photography, web design and development, film making, live event production, rigging, acting and storytelling since 2000.

Read, comment, glean, enjoy and come back often.

Have fun!

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