Category: Where Do We Go From Here

We come to crossroads and nexuses in life. The decisions we make there will dictate our near and often far futures. Our choices become life lessons for others to learn from. The influences that lead us to our choices may be many. A chance meeting, observation of nature or our Faith can point us in the best direction. Here we face our fears, our giants and shortcoming, so that we can be inspired, renewed and uplifted.

Where Do We Go From Here

Something to Do Under the Sun

God gives us work to keep us busy – Wisdom of Solomon  He doesn’t say what kind of work or that that work must or…

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128 days, Where Do We Go From Here

When life gives you lemons

Today I am thankful for lost time, and distant family, for neighbors who don’t stand by and watch, for brothers who become friends. Today I…

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128 days, Where Do We Go From Here

Every day for 128 I will give thanks. This is my realization.

I’ve heard and read about the power of giving thanks but, until you experience it you don’t really understand. Giving thanks keeps you focused on…