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God gives us work to keep us busy – Wisdom of Solomon 

He doesn’t say what kind of work or that that work must or should have special meaning. He says it keep us busy while we spend our days on this earth. This offers great freedom. 

I define Work is anything that consumes time and leads to some change or end. That is very broad. Work is after all. Cooking a meal or take care of a family member. If it’s enjoyable or we don’t receive a wage we my not consider it work, but almost any job we perform, someone else is being paid for. Think of giving birth. Women do it freely some are paid as a service.

Work can have purpose, and can be enjoyable. If you can add to that “provides my income” even better and if you can add “fulfills my dream in life” well that is best.  This I call the immeaurable life and is the purpose of this blog. 

  We are often told to get a job or to do something to  make some money, but that is a misplaced focus.  The key to enjoying and thriving in our work under the sun is to create value. Value can be traded for money and the higher the quality and the greater the value ( theses are separate things) the more you can exchange your work for income or assets. 

After my mother’s death, I had to find something to take up my time. Death changed my perspective on life. I was my mother’s primary caregiver for the last few years of her life. It was time consuming and tedious, and I learned to get done what was necessary and if others were willing to help great and if not, then the work would still be completed. And I would move on to the next day. I feel for all those I see in a similar situation. Life changes you, that is it’s purpose.

On the day she passed, I had such a sense of relief, I had been able to do all that she had asked of me, and it was complete, and I was still standing. STANDING- that’s another post. Still standing but what now. After her estate is closed and grieving has ended, what work would I choose and for whom?

We are obligated to ourselves and to The Most High. Every other action is our choice. Run a store, manage a media empire, fix a bike. It’s your choice. All are legitimate and all can provide you the income to live in this world.  The whole duty of man is to Love God and keep his instructions. No where does he say what work we should do for a living.

Work is your choice. Work from home, office, from the beach. What is important to you? Then do that?  What has been important to me is spending time watching over others. It is a core of my being.  As Garry Smally would conclude, “Acts of Service” is my primary Love Language. Ive done it all my life and without reservation. It alone can create all the value I will ever need. 

The  work you do can be the work you choose.  

Soon after I would start an Airbnb and welcome guest into my home, I would engage with and  touch the lives of many people from across the globe. I would do this while generating an income. 

Now I focus on doing the things(work) I enjoy and helping others to find enjoyment in their own lives, developing their goals and visions. 

How much money you earn doesn’t matter, how you use your money matters, how you leverage your money and assets for or against your future. That is what matters.  If your life revolves around money you will never find what you are looking for. If it revolves around creating value, your already on the path.  

Work is your choice. Choose the life you want then follow that path. 

Live the life you choose, live it in a way that loves God and keeps His commandments. 

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