Dec 28, 2021, Time: makes new and renews

By Mohamed Nohassi

Time makes new and renews

Today I am thankful for renewed life and new life. We are so close to a new calendar year. I look out from my window and I realize how busy downtown is. There are cars and buses. There are those revving their bikes and ATVs. There are dump trucks and street Cleaners almost always. As I lay here having taken up residence in a new environment. I feel renewed. Many years seem to be shed from my life. A sense of wonder redevelops. What if I… my mind fills with possibilities. As I’m pondering and enjoying the moment, I get a text message from a young friend. It is only a picture. His daughter has just been born. I laugh. Because I saw the young man transition from a young man just out of college to a responsible adult. I laugh again and congratulate him on being a new Father. Life is filled with wonder. Time brings not only wisdom and age, but it brings life both new and renewed.

Each day is a new opportunity. Do today what you have been putting off. Do it consistently and you will find yourself in a future of your design.

Find your passion, produce your life.

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