Author: Keith

Keith Carter is a photographer, storyteller, web designer/developer and content creator. As a creative he focuses on helping others develop and implement their life visions. “I give image and voice to your vision”.
body of water surrounded by trees
128 days, IML

Dec 28, 2021, Time: makes new and renews

Time makes new and renews Today I am thankful for renewed life and new life. We are…

Finding Equations

The immeasurable life

In this seemingly apocalyptic time I find it most ironic that I’m beginning to write a blog…

This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage
128 days, Where Do We Go From Here

When life gives you lemons

Today I am thankful for lost time, and distant family, for neighbors who don’t stand by and…

white ceramic mug with coffee
128 days, Where Do We Go From Here

Every day for 128 I will give thanks. This is my realization.

I’ve heard and read about the power of giving thanks but, until you experience it you don’t…