The immeasurable life

In this seemingly apocalyptic time I find it most ironic that I’m beginning to write a blog called the immeasurable life. I struggled for a few years trying to start this blog. It is about finding ones vision and and using that vision to build a life that one enjoys and one can be proud of. A life that gives hope and help to others. So ironically I begin this blog at a time when I would have fallen financially to my lowest point, emotionally, drained, semi isolated from friends and family and thinking about a business to help other people.

Perhaps this is best so that instead of showing or presenting the glorious life that I have built I can instead demonstrate how to build back a glorious life for your benefit and mine. ( Should that put me under a lot of pressure?)

So I embark on a new journey, that springs from an well explored idea. It is dotted by task that span 128 days. 128 days of giving thanks, building and refining vision, facing what holds you back, engaging others with the produce of your vision and then repeating this “circle of vision”. Here I will share with you my experiences and knowledge. Feel free to join me in building your own immeasurablelife. I’m going to try to make this humorous, detailed and definitely memorable.

Keith Carter 

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